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When you advertise with Matinee Musicale, you support our amazing artists while you share your business with our supporters.

We publish a program for every Matinee Musicale concert that includes program notes, performer highlights and biographies, and photographs and articles about Matinee Musicale. Our program is published four times a season, once for each concert. Each concert patron receives a program upon entering our concert hall.

We offer season, concert and general sponsorships as well as a variety of ad sizes. Our programs are printed in b&w, saddle stitched and folded to 7” wide x 8.5” high pages. Advertising rates are per season and ads may be submitted and changed for each concert/program throughout the season.

Program Advertising Rates

Season Sponsor

• Center full-page spread (two 6.5”w x 8”h pages)
• Thank you from stage
• Logo on Matinee Musicale website
• Poster/sign in concert lobby
• 40 complimentary single tickets

Concert Sponsor

• Inside front cover (6.5”w x 8”h)
• Thank you from stage
• Logo on Matinee Musicale website
• 20 complimentary single tickets


• Back cover (6.5”w x 8”h)
• 8 complimentary single tickets

Inside back cover

• 6.5”w x 8”h

Full Page

• 6.5”w x 8”h

Half Page

• 6.5”w x 3.75”h

Quarter Page

• 3”w x 3.75”h

Business Card

• 3.5”w x 2”h

The program and all ads are printed in b&w; the program is saddle stitched and folded to 7”w x 8.5”h pages. Advertising rates listed above are for the entire season: 4 concerts/4 ads. Ad files may be submitted and changed for each concert/program. If only a single program/concert ad submission is desired, we’ll pro-rate your ad (single concert ads available only or Full, Half, Quarter, and Business Card ad sizes).

Deadlines for program ad submission:

• September 26, 2017 for Erin Keefe concert (concert date October 17, 2017)
• October 17, 2017 for Zlata Chochieva concert (concert date November 14, 2017)
• February 19, 2018 for Amit Peled concert (concert date March 18, 2018)
• March 13, 2018 for Jason Vieaux concert (concert date April 10, 2018)

Submitting Ads:

Email ad files to by the program deadlines listed above. Submitted ad files must be 300 ppi resolution in one of the following formats: PDF, TIF, or JPG.

Call 218-727-3383 with questions or for more information

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